tips for your new home

Our top tips for living in your new home

Making the most of your new home

Here are some maintenance tips to help you make the most of your new home.

  • Set the time on your oven and burn off the oven and grill for an hour before use.
  • During the drying out of your home keep furniture away from the wall to reduce shrinkage and condensation occurring. More information on shrinkage can be found on the moving-in day page.
  • Check the smoke alarms weekly.
  • Regularly check the shower trap and make sure it is free from any debris.
  • If the faucets have aerators clean the debris from these.
  • Regularly descale the showerhead.
  • Use silicone spray on the hinges of the doors and windows to keep them in good operational order.
  • Every 4-6 weeks hoover the filters within the ventilation unit to maintain good working order.
  • Regularly check for and remove any debris in the external door runners
  • Before fixing items to walls use a pipe or cable detector to locate installation behind the walls.
  • If your electrics trip and it is the socket switch that is affected this may be due to an appliance, switch off the electrics and unplug everything from the sockets. Turn the electricity back on and plug each appliance in one at a time to find what is tripping the electrics.
  • You may be able to keep your balcony door open by pushing the handle down. Not all balcony doors have this feature - check with your new homes agent to confirm.