Moving in day

A few things to remember on the day you move in

On the day you move in

  • Please remove large volumes of rubbish (including packaging, boxes, etc) as these should not go into normal bins.
  • Please don’t prop open lifts or main entrance doors, as it could damage them, and please use stairwells as much as possible.
  • Remember to register the guarantees or warranties of your new appliances directly with the manufacturer – and to keep a copy. For information relevant to your specific home please check your Home User Guide. 
  • Set the timer on your oven and burn off the oven and grill for around an hour.
  • Any problems on the day, please report them to us.

After moving in - shrinkage

During the first 12 months of moving into your new build, avoid painting or applying wallpaper to your walls. This is to assist with the drying out process and minimize shrinkage cracks. However, it’s fine to hang things on walls or hang blinds and curtains.

You can find more about shrinkage in your Home User Guide or by watching this video:

If you would like more information, please ask the new homes services team at