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A dedicated SO Resi resales consultant will keep you informed at every step of your sale – from the time your home is listed on property websites to completion.

This 3 minute video explains how selling your Shared Ownership home works:

How does it work?

You can sell your Shared Ownership home whenever you are ready to move on. Once you've told us you're ready to sell, we'll guide you through the process, making your sale as smooth as possible.

Step by step guide to selling your home

Already own 100% of your home?

If you already own 100% of your home, the selling process is different. You need to let us know if you want to sell your home but after that, as a homeowner, you’re free to manage the sale as you wish. That includes marketing your home, choosing an estate agent and arranging viewings.

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How much does it cost?

The sales fee is 1% (plus VAT) of your home’s full market value. Other costs include surveyor's and solicitor's fees, and other fees.

More about selling costs and fees

More information

If you prefer, our PDF guide explains the details of selling your Shared Ownership home.

Selling your home (PDF)

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If you’ve read our step by step guide and would like to sell your home, let’s get started! You will need a SO Resi account to access your Selling my home section.

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