Our PDF guides explain the Shared Ownership scheme and what you can expect when buying a home, buying more shares or selling your home with SO Resi

Understanding Shared Ownership

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The SO Resi guide to Shared Ownership has lots of information about the scheme from understanding the basics, to eligibility and the costs involved.

Understanding Shared Ownership guide (PDF)

Buying a newly-built home

The booklet guides you through every step of buying a newly-built home - a journey that could all happen in as little as eight weeks!

Buying a newly-built home guide (PDF)

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Buying a resale home

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Considering buying a preowned home? This helpful guide sets out each step of your SO Resi home buying journey, right up to the day you move in.

Buying a resale home guide (PDF)

Shared Ownership costs

This booklet explains the costs of buying a Shared Ownership home, both the one-off costs that you pay before you move in, and the monthly costs you pay after you move in.

Shared Ownership costs guide (PDF)

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New home services

Screenshot 6 New Home Services

This booklet explains the services we offer for new developments and how it can benefit you.

New home services guide (PDF)

Buying more shares

Owning more of your home can be a satisfying feeling and could also make financial sense. This guide explains how you can decide if it's right for you and what to expect if you decide to go ahead.

Buying more shares guide (PDF)

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Selling your home

Selling your home ScaleWidthWzQ4MF0

When life changes, and it’s time to sell your Shared Ownership home, SO Resi makes it easy. This step-by-step guide explains the different stages to selling your home.

Selling your home guide (PDF)

Shared Ownership leases explained

This booklet explains the lease extension process if you decide to extend your lease at the same time as selling your Shared Ownership home or buying more shares.

Shared Ownership leases explained guide (PDF)


Selling on the open market

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If we aren't able to sell your shared ownership home within the agreed nomination period, you are then able to sell your home on the open market - usually through an estate agent of your choosing. This guide explains this process, the costs involved and the options you have.

Selling on the open market guide (PDF)

Selling shared ownership homes

This booklet is for estate agents who are selling shared ownership homes on behalf of shared owners. It explains the process and the information that the leaseholder’s landlord will require.

Selling shared ownership homes guide (PDF)

Screenshot 8A Selling Shared Ownership Homes

SIM sales explained

Screenshot 9 SIM Sales Explained

This booklet explains how SIM Sales work (Simultaneous Sale and Staircase). It’s a special type of sale that happens when a shared owner has found a buyer who wants to purchase 100% of their home.

SIM Sales explained (PDF)