Living in a
SO Flexi

Learn about your responsibilities as a tenant and our responsibilities as your landlord

Before you apply

If you’re thinking about living in a SO Flexi home, here are a few things for you to know before you apply.

  • Not all SO Flexi developments have parking, but there may be allocated spaces for residents
  • Some buildings have restrictions on pets, so if this is important to you, it’s a good idea to check before you sign up to rent
  • You will sign a tenancy agreement with us for 2 or 3 years, which should give you time to save your deposit. This agreement is an important document that will explain your obligations as a tenant and ours as your landlord. Please find time to read it carefully before you move in, so you understand what you can and cannot do.

Your responsibilities as a tenant

As a tenant, you are responsible for:

  • Paying your rent on time every month
  • Paying your household bills, council tax and contents insurance
  • Maintaining the interior of your home
  • If you live in a house, you also need to maintain its exterior and your private garden
  • Attending an annual review with us, so we can see how you are getting on with your saving goals

Our responsibilities as a landlord

As your landlord, we are responsible for:

  • Maintaining communal areas, including the structure of the building
  • Managing the development, if we provide services
  • Setting and collecting rent
  • Providing buildings insurance, or making sure buildings insurance is in place
  • Guiding you if you decide to buy your home through Shared Ownership or need any financial help during the tenancy period
  • Answering your enquiries about your home and tenancy. Remember that it’s important for you to read your tenancy agreement carefully before you sign it