Once you have agreed which home you would like to rent, there are four simple steps to follow

Step 1: References and financial assessment

Your SO Flexi consultant will be in touch to start your reference check and financial assessment. This must be completed within 5 working days. We'll then review your application and let you know if you're successful and what your expected savings goals are.

Step 2: Your tenancy and formal offer

You'll meet your SO Flexi consultant to go through the details of your tenancy, your chosen development and the next steps. You'll receive a copy of your tenancy agreement and a formal offer letter. You now pay a £250 reservation deposit to secure your chosen home, which will be deducted from the first rent payment when you move in.

Step 3: Getting ready to move

While your home is being finished, your SO Flexi consultant will send you regular updates about its progress and give you the information you need to get ready for signing the final paperwork and moving in.

Step 4: Moving in

Once your home is ready, your SO Flexi consultant will get in touch to agree your moving-in date. You'll sign your tenancy documentation, pay some rent in advance and a further one month’s rent, which will be held securely in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Once all that’s done, there are a few final details to go through and then you’re ready to receive the keys from your SO Flexi consultant and move into your new home!

After moving in

After you have moved in, we will stay in touch and meet with you as you approach the first anniversary of your tenancy, to see how you are getting on with saving a deposit to buy.  Your savings goal and terms of your tenancy would have been discussed with you during your financial assessment, so hopefully you're able to make great progress and be ready to buy your home on a Shared Ownership basis as soon as you have saved enough.