Step by step
Guide to Selling
your home

What to expect if you decide to sell your Shared Ownership home

Before you start

Before you tell us you’re ready to start, check your lease length and read the latest EWS1 requirements relating to fire safety. If you don’t do these things, you may encounter problems later on.

About your lease

EWS1 requirements

What you need to do

Here are the steps that you will need to take to sell your Shared Ownership home.

Step 1 - Tell us you are ready to sell

Sign in or create a SO Resi account and follow the instructions in the 'Selling my home' section. A dedicated resales consultant will then be assigned to manage your sale.

My SO Resi account

Step 2 - Get your home valued

You need a written valuation report from an independent RICS surveyor. RICS is the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. You appoint and pay them directly.

Getting a property valuation

Recommended RICS surveyors

Step 3 - Upload your documents

Upload copies of your valuation report, EPC, photo ID and proof of address to your SO Resi account. We'll get your lease document for you and can arrange a new EPC if yours is more than ten years old (fees may apply).

Get a head start - You can start uploading documents straight after Step 1!

Providing identification documents

About your EPC

Your lease document 

Step 4 - Tell us you want to go ahead

Once we have all your documents, you will sign our Instruction to Sell form, to confirm that you wish to go ahead with the sale.

Step 5 - Set up viewing slots

Viewing slots are managed in your SO Resi account. You can host viewings yourself or use our viewing partner, Viewber - it's up to you. A great idea is to set up several 15 minute slots on the same day – particularly weekends or evenings – so we can arrange open days.

More about viewings

Step 6 - Track your sale

Keep updated with buyer enquiries, viewings and feedback in your SO Resi account.

Step 7 - Instruct a solicitor

You can do this at any stage – at the latest, once a buyer is found. You need a solicitor with experience of Shared Ownership leases and conveyancing.

Recommended solicitors

Step 8 - Your home is sold!

Once a buyer is found who meets all the financial and eligibility checks, one of our dedicated progression consultants will take over to help get your sale to completion.

What SO Resi will do

Here are the steps that SO Resi will take to sell your Shared Ownership home.

Step 1 - Get to know you

Your SO Resi resales consultant will to introduce themselves and to answer any questions you have.

Step 2 - Professional photos and floorplans

We organise a suitable time for our partner, NicheCom to professionally photograph your home, create a floor plan – and a new EPC if you need one.

NicheCom website

Step 3 - Market your home

We create your property listing and publish it on the largest Shared Ownership property websites, as well as Zoopla and Rightmove. All you need to do is check and approve your listing in your SO Resi account before it goes live.

How we market your property

Step 4 - Find you a buyer

As well as marketing your home, we financially assess buyers before they view it. If a potential buyer wants to go ahead, we check their application to make sure they are eligible.

Preparing your property for viewing

Step 5 - Support the conveyancing

Once an approved buyer is found, solicitors are appointed to work towards completion. Your SO Resi resales progression consultant works with everyone involved to help smooth the legal process.

What if SO Resi can't sell your home?

We will market your home for the whole nomination period in your lease – usually four or eight weeks - or for the agreed sales and marketing period. Most homes sell in this time. If not, you can:

  • Keep using SO Resi to market your property
  • Instruct SO Resi’s partner estate agent, Leaders Romans Group (LRG). In addition to marketing the home to potential shared owners, they are also able to sell the property to someone looking to buy 100% of the property. We won’t need to check the buyer meets Shared Ownership conditions if they buy 100% of the property.
  • Choose an estate agent to sell your property.

Please note that if an agent other than SO Resi sells your share, you will need to pay the agent’s fees, an administration fee to the property manager and any other costs associated with your sale.

Selling your home on the open market

Start now

If you’ve read this guide and are happy with the process, let’s get started! You'll need a SO Resi account to access the Selling your home section.