When you need help fast

What is an emergency repair?

Some defects cannot wait and would be considered an emergency priority. Emergencies are problems that put your health, safety, or security at immediate risk, or affect the structural safety of the building. Anything deemed as an emergency will be attended to within 24 hours. If a second visit is needed to resolve the problem, we’ll keep you updated.

Examples of emergencies are below:

  • Gas leak
  • Failure of heating in the winter months
  • Complete electrical failure
  • Security to property
  • No bathing facilities

Call us immediately on 020 3535 3535 or 0300 456 2929 to report an emergency.

Be prepared for emergencies

  • Read your Home User Guide carefully, as this gives a lot of important information about your new home and can help you prevent emergencies.
  • Check you know where water valves and mains switches are, so you can turn off the water or electricity in an emergency.
  • Make sure you have buildings and contents insurance. Your 10-year warranty does not protect you against things such as loss or damage resulting from fire, flood, storms, theft, or accidental damage. If you pay a monthly service charge this is likely to include buildings insurance, so check this is in place. If you are an outright buyer you will be responsible for your building insurance.