Finding the right person to help

When a new property is built, there is a defect period that begins upon handover. During this period, it is the responsibility of the building contractor to address any valid defects that are reported free of charge. Our new homes services team is here to help you ensure any issues are resolved.

Who to contact

Your main point of contact for help with any defects or problems with your home is your New Homes Services agent. They will be responsible for managing the defect period and assisting you with any queries, answering any questions, and dealing with any problems. They will also be very familiar with your home so please also reach out to them if you need help understanding how something works such as your appliances. Our sales team will introduce your new homes services agent to you, so you can relax and enjoy your new home.

If they aren’t available – or for help in other areas, such as shared hallways, bins not being collected, and even questions about your service charge, call our customer services team on 0300 456 2929 or 020 3535 3535.

Learn more about the defect period:

A newly built home normally has a 12 or 24 month defect period, depending on the build contract. This starts on the date the property was handed over to MTVH from the building contractor. Please note this is not the date you move in/complete. During the defect period, the new homes services team will take responsibility for defects that arise in your new home.

Contact your new homes services agent to find out the defect period start date. The start date may not be the same as your move-in date.

The kinds of problems that are covered by the defect period are those caused by an issue with the workmanship, materials, or systems used in the building, which has led to damage to or a failure in the property.

If you have identified a defect, please report it as soon as possible to Metropolitan Thames Valley, either to your new homes services agent directly or to our Customer Services Centre. We will then report it to the contractor who built your home and is responsible for defects arising during the defect period. The contractor will then contact you to arrange a time to visit your home to rectify the problem. Please do not report defects directly to the contractor, always report them to Metropolitan Thames Valley in the first instance.

To report a defect email or call our Customer Services Team on 0300 456 2929 or 020 3535 3535. If you are unsure which number to call please check your home user guide. 

Alternatively, contact your new homes services agent directly.

For non-emergency problems, we aim to rectify the problem within 28 days and our standard response time for emails received to the New Homes Services inbox is 5 working days.

Emergencies will be attended to within 24 hours - Find out more about emergencies.

For reporting repairs contact 0300 456 2929 or 020 3535 3535.

If you would like more information, please ask the new homes services team.

Before the defect liability period expires, we will be in touch to arrange an end of defects inspection. This will be your last opportunity to report any defects. On the inspection we will:

  • Make a list of all outstanding jobs.
  • Carry out any jobs that we can on the day such as filling in cracks.

Following this, we will get in touch with you to arrange a convenient time and date to complete any outstanding jobs.

Please note that year two is very significant as the contractor will still be responsible for the majority of building defects even though the one-year defect period has expired. Please, therefore, feel free to contact us to report any new items during the second year, we will be able to review the matter and direct you accordingly.

Following year two and until year 10, your warranty provider (details in your Home User Guide) will take over. They will help you with further defect queries you may have.

Please continue to report repairs in communal areas (roads/pathways, grass areas that are not part of your garden) through to the contact center. If you find a problem in a communal area, please call our Customer Services Team on 0300 456 2929 or 020 3535 3535

What is covered - and what isn't

Here are some examples of what is covered and what isn't covered. Ask your New Homes Services agent if you aren’t sure.


Not covered

✓ Heating problems

✖ Small hairline cracks

✓ Exposed wiring

✖ Wear and tear

✓ Plumbing

✖ Blocked drains

✓ Stuck doors

✖ Accidental damage 

✓ Windows that don't open

✖ Cosmetic damage - scuffs/scratches

Latent Defects

A latent defect is a fault in a property that could not have reasonably been discovered through inspection before completion, and ultimately the sale. This could be due to the design, workmanship, or materials used during construction.

Once your defect period expires and for years 2-10, any valid latent defects can be referred to the builder, via MTVH. If the builder rejects the latent defect, you have the option of contacting NHBC directly to report the matter.

If you identify a latent defect, please report it to MTVH by contacting 0300 456 2929 or 020 3535 3535 in the first instance. We will review the matter and refer to the builder accordingly. We will keep you updated on the matter until a conclusion or response has been provided by the builder.