SO Resi Plus

Published: 26 September 2017

An easy way to buy more of your home

Available on newly built homes, SO Resi Plus allows you to buy 1% extra of your home each year at a price fixed from day one, with no extra costs to worry about. That's:

  • No solicitor’s fees
  • No valuation fees

To take part in SO Resi Plus, you must sign up to the scheme at the time of purchase of your new build property - i.e., before completion. You will NOT be eligible to sign up to it post-completion.

SO Resi Plus is exclusive to SO Resi. Here's a 3 minute video explaining things:

How is SO Resi Plus different to the conventional way of buying more shares?

When buying more shares the conventional way, you buy more shares in lots of 5%, from a minimum of 10%It’s a great way to build up to owning 100% of your home, but there are legal and other costs each time you buy a bigger share.

How does it work?

SO Resi Plus gives you the option of buying an extra 1% of your home each year at a price that is set from day one, even if property prices go up.

  • In the first year it will cost 1% of your home’s full value
  • Then the amount you pay will go up by 3% a year

We’ll get in touch each year to confirm the price and ask whether you want to go ahead. SO Resi Plus lasts for 15 years, so you can buy up to an extra 15% of your home this way.

Learn more with our helpful SO Resi Plus Guide (PDF)

Got a question?

Here are some commonly asked questions or get in touch with us.

It’s your choice. Each year, we’ll just get in touch to ask if you want to go ahead. If you decide not to, that’s absolutely fine.

You can opt in to buy a 1% share in any of the 15 years. If you decide not to buy in a particular year, the fixed price for the 1% share relating to that year is no longer available.

Some people are happy to stay as part owners of their home. So the traditional way of buying more shares suits them well.SO Resi Plus is designed for people who know from the start that they want to buy a bigger share of their home in a way that spreads out the costs and makes sure there are no legal or valuation fees to pay.

If you sell your home for a higher price than the valuation, we may be able to claim back some of the extra profit you make.The time limit for us to do this is set out in your lease. It is normally three months.

No. After the first year, the cost will increase at 3% each year. We’ll set everything out for you before you go ahead with SO Resi Plus, so you know exactly how much your extra 1% will cost each year.

Improvements that could affect the value of your home include replacing single glazing with new double glazing, or adding central heating to a home that didn’t have any. Things that do not usually add value include rewiring and replumbing, replacing heating systems or changing flooring. The change in a property’s value is not linked to the actual cost of improvements.If you’ve made changes that you think increase your home’s value, tell the RICS surveyor and show them evidence. If they agree, we will deduct the change in value from the full value. This is so that you don’t pay extra for improvements you have made yourself.

Want to find out more?

If you want to know more about SO Resi Plus, email or phone: 020 8607 0550

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