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What's love got to do with it?

With all eyes on Love Island recently, we at So Resi have been doing a lot of thinking about relationships and what really makes them work. We all know that home is where the heart is, but what's love got to do with buying a home?

Well, for us, more than you may realise. At So Resi, our view is that, like love, buying a home is one of life’s defining moments. And like love, it’s a journey you make towards a place you want to be happy in.

It seems to us that, in both love and home buying, you need to go on that journey with someone who understands your needs, and supports you from start to finish. All the way from that initial spark and excitement when you know you’ve found the right one, to sorting out the practicalities, settling into your happy place and waking up each day knowing everything is just right.

The teams here have been chatting about how some people – and companies – are good at some of these stages but perhaps not the long haul. Over on Love Island lots of contestants are great at short, intense relationships, winning partners over and promising a lot. It’s exciting. Then suddenly you’re left on your own whilst others are off on to the next one.  We know the feeling and it’s not great. We hear from our customers that there are property companies who look at relationships in the same way too.

"Our aim is to be the perfect partner all through your home buying journey"

At So Resi, we have a different approach. Our aim is to be the perfect partner all through your home buying journey, and to keep supporting and looking after you even after you’ve moved in to your new So Resi home. The ideal, trustworthy kind of partner for a long-term relationship in fact.

Of course, nobody here wants you to miss out on the exciting bits, like that special moment when you first set eyes on your dream home, or getting your keys.

That’s why we have different specialists for each part of the relationship journey – from our customer focused Enquiries team, expert Sales consultants to my very own multi-talented team of progression consultants, who take over after you’ve reserved a home to look after you until the day you move in. Then onto the customer care team and finally, we have our team of on-boarding consultants,  who are there for the whole of the first year after you move in, to answer your questions about your new home, and help you settle in easily.

It all adds up to a relationship that works for both sides – and when it comes down to it, that’s the only type of relationship worth having. At a recent conference for Britain’s Housing Associations, I presented So Resi’s new approach to building strong relationships and the great success we’re having with it – including far higher levels of satisfaction among our customers than previously recorded It is clear from feedback that So Resi is setting new standards in our industry and I for one am extremely proud to be part of that.

Blog by Dan Read, So Resi Head of Progression at So Resi 

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