Top tips for decorating your child’s bedroom

Published: 24 October 2022

Designing a space for your child to live and play can be a daunting but fun experience. According to, creating a safe, exciting, and practical bedroom can accelerate a child’s development and allow their imagination to run wild. Here are some helpful tips to design a bedroom that your child will love.

Make it bright and colourful

Children love colour! The brighter the better. Incorporate your child’s favourite colours into the design and experiment with decals, paint, stickers, and fabrics for an eye-catching and playful design.

Inspire creativity and play

Promote creativity by adding a chalkboard or marker wall. Having a designated space where they can draw freely provides an alternative to drawing all over your living room wall! Also, consider including life-size dollhouses or kitchen playsets to keep children occupied for hours.

Practical Layout

Keeping the design simple and clutter-free will help with organising and play. Designating areas of the room to certain activities helps children to manage and keep their environment tidy. For example, have one corner for their paint sets and another for playing with their cars and blocks.

Fun Storage Solutions

Encouraging your child to keep their room tidy is important for their development and teaches them the benefits of having a clean, uncluttered space. Choose bright and colourful storage options where toys are visible e.g. lidless and tilted bins. Perhaps have a charity box for toys they no longer want. This is a good way to promote sharing and prevent excess clutter.

The Quiet Place

We all need a quiet space to relax and have some alone time. Designate a small corner of the room and add a tent or tepee and lots of cushions. A quiet corner gives children a space where they can retreat when they feel overwhelmed.

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Written by the SO Resi In-House Team.


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