Top tips for adding a feature wall

Published: 15 March 2022

Feature walls are a great and simple way to add character to a room. It’s cost-effective and the possibilities are endless. It’s a great way to add bright colours or unique designs to a room without it looking overwhelming. It makes a high impact regardless of how subtle or bold your design is.

Get creative

Pick a wallpaper with a unique texture, the options are limitless, some designs incorporate bricks, wooden panels, large art pieces, fabrics, or even artificial plants. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

This resale property utilizes the world map as a feature wall.

Choose the right room

Picking the right room for a feature wall is important. Avoid small or cluttered rooms and rooms with a busy design. Its preferable to pick a room with plain walls.  The living room of our SO Resi Greenford show home has a feature wall with gold leaf incorporated into the design and the surrounding plain white walls make the room feel spacious.

Choose a focal point

The focal point of a room is where your eyes rest. Some ideal places would be the wall behind your headboard in your bedroom, the mantel wall in your living room, or the wall behind your sofa. You can even add a feature wall to the entrance of your house.

The bold mirror and decorated console table contrast against this dark feature wall, adding intrigue to the design.

Compliment your wall

The strategic placement of accessorising items will tie your space together and make your feature wall pop even more. Use items such as cushions, vases, sofas, or lamps in the same colour palette as the feature wall. Be careful not to overdo it; less is more!

It can be subtle
Embrace subtle designs, a feature wall doesn’t always need to be bold or extravagant. Muted wallpaper designs will still give the room a nice flair.

Disclaimer: Before making any major changes to your Shared Ownership home, check the terms of your lease.

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Interior design tips with Esther Bond from Designs for all Occasions

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