SO Resi National Avocado Day

Published: 17 July 2019

Have your avo toast and eat it too:

Reserve your home on National Avocado Day & get up to £1,000 towards your legal fees.

Avocado toast: a staple of the modern day brunch menu and the trope millennials just can’t shake.

This theme has been frequenting the headlines for a few years now and it’s no secret that stepping on to the property ladder has played a part in the old millennial-avocado love story; in 2017 the headlines read, ‘if you want a house, stop buying avocado toast’ and the assumptions have spiralled from there.

But is that fair? It’s unlikely that cutting down on your brunch consumption will bring you within reach of buying on the open market. However, hopeful homebuyers should fear not. With SO Resi, you can have your avo toast and eat it too...

Through shared ownership, you buy an initial share in a home which can be as little as 25 per cent but no more than 75 per cent. You just need a deposit of between five to ten per cent of the share you buy which is much lower than paying a deposit on the full price, which could be as low as £3,273. You then take out a mortgage to cover the rest of your share and pay SO Resi a monthly payment on the share you do not own.

So, in celebration of National Avocado Day we’re offering up to £1,000 towards your legal fees and a voucher to The Breakfast Club if you reserve on 31st July 2019!

The offer only applies to qualifying purchasers of SO Resi new build properties at the following developments: SO Resi Brentford, SO Resi Wokingham, SO Resi Addlestone, SO Resi Bleriot Gate, SO Resi Twickenham, SO Resi Hook, SO Resi Cobham, SO Resi Frimley, SO Resi East Molesey, SO Resi The Rise, SO Resi Brixton, SO Resi Essex Brewery, SO Resi Sydenham, SO Resi Sutton, SO Resi Hendon, SO Resi Colliers Wood, SO Resi Forster Oaks, SO Resi Times Square, SO Resi Totteridge and SO Resi Clapham Park.

Take a look at the Terms and Conditions for all the details.

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