Saving space in your new home

Published: 02 November 2021

Wondering how to maximise the space you have in your home? Whether your home is big or small, you can make the most of the space you have, and we've created a list of practical tips to help you make the most of any available space – including items we frequently take for granted.

Over our heads

We tend to think of rooms in two dimensions: length and width while overlooking the vast expanses of space above us. According to eHow UK, the standard ceiling height for most new build properties is 2.4m, meaning a large amount of the space room's internal area is basically wasted.

To make the most of this space look for tall freestanding pieces rather than furniture that only reaches to waist or head height. Alternatively, floating shelves are great for utilising space above furniture or counter tops that would be otherwise wasted and can be styled to complement your home décor.

SO Resi Flora Court

Two for the price of one

There are some very innovative multifunctional furniture solutions available, so it’s possible to buy one piece of furniture that serves multiple purposes. From snooker tables that double as dining tables to bed frames with built-in storage and TVs that rise from the base boards! Captain's beds like some of these from Wayfair, are a good illustration of this, as they elevate a mattress to maximise living space. After all, we only use beds for around eight hours a day – making them a (literal and metaphorical) waste of space most of the time. Examples of a DIY Captain’s beds have gone viral on TikTok with people using Ikea shelving units to make the base of the bed. Maybe that could be your next DIY project? Just remember to also check the terms in your lease before you embark on big DIY projects.

Look for combi units

A useful tall shelving unit to find is one that includes storage space, clothes hooks, and a full-length mirror. This clever space-saving concept, which often sits on a tiny rotating base, has been developed by furniture manufacturers to include shelves, hanging rails, pinboards, and even make-up storage with recessed lighting. This has the extra benefit of keeping hooks, mirrors, and other storage solutions off the walls, where they could become cluttered or interfere with the décor. These elements can also be rotated out of sight when not in use.

One room, many purposes

We tend to consider rooms as one-off: living rooms, dining rooms, etc. However, the guest room for example can be used to perform various functions. The important thing is to use furniture in different ways, if done successfully you can turn your guest room into an office/playroom/guest room. Carefully selected sleeper sofas provide daytime seating that turns into a guest bed when required. These come in all shapes and styles meaning you can go from a stylish velvet sofa to a comfortable double bed in minutes, Made offer some great options. Add a small desk with a flat-screen monitor and this can be your work from home screen during the day before children come home, then the screen can be used to stream Netflix or play online games.

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Written by the SO Resi In-House Team

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