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Published: 20 September 2019

At SO Resi we love to offer our buyers show homes that inspire, whilst at the same time reflect a livable environment.

Interested in learning about what we do to get our SO Resi show homes ready for viewings?  Our guest blogger Rebecca Hunt details it all…

 ‘Real life’ and ‘show home’ may at first glance seem like a bit of a contradiction in terms but at Suna Interior Design we pride ourselves on getting into the mind-set of the people who are actually going to live in the property, the people who are going to make it their home, before we even start the designing process.

You, the buyer, need to be able to walk into an apartment or house and say “I can see myself living here”, so we put every bit of thought into how you might use the space, where you can sit and enjoy watching the TV, how many people you can get round the dining table, what your master bedroom might look like and what kind of bedroom your children might fall in love with!

So, we start with the furniture layout, making sure the rooms can be practically used, and that there is enough space around everything. We then hunt for inspiration for the type of interior that you might like. If the development is in the country, we want to reference that your favourite thing to do on a Sunday is to take the dog out for a walk.  If the homes are located just off a buzzing high street, we look at the shops you will be popping to for your weekend treats.

Colour scheme follows on from that, we don’t advocate beige and safe everywhere, colour can be added in oh-so-subtle ways or maybe be a bit punchier. You will notice, if there are more than one show home on a development, that we try and cover a couple of options, knowing that different people like different things and we want every visitor to be able to relate to our designs.

Then comes the fun bit, we choose furniture that is in the price bracket of the potential home owner. We shop where you shop, getting items from all kinds of places. We look online at places that you would be trawling for interior inspiration. We might drop in a few trade secrets, a couple of beautiful, aspirational one-offs, a gorgeous feature chair or a stand-out bit of artwork. We literally head out with our shopping bags and money in our pocket and buy the brands you might buy. Without it being too creepy, we ultimately try and get into your heads and figure out what you might aspire to interior-wise, so that when you walk into one of our show homes you feel a little bit like you are coming home!

Show homes aren’t all about the Big Sell. They are about showing you, the potential home owner, how you can live in a property, demonstrating where you would put your furniture, giving you some inspiration about how to decorate your new home when you move in and giving you the confidence that the choice you are making, one of the biggest decisions of your life, is the right one.   

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Rebecca Hunt, Director, Suna Interior Design

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