Bracknell: why it's the new ideal town for first-time buying

Published: 07 July 2023

A fast-growing and modern town has been recently gaining more and more popularity: Bracknell. Built soon after the war in 1949, it was originally intended as a small country village in Berkshire. Little was expected of what it would have become; the town is now on track to be a modern central hub for jobs and the tech industry.

Already known for hosting the headquarters of Waitrose, as well as many major offices from HP, Dell, HTC and others, Bracknell is likely to see a further expansion of offices from the tech industry. Indeed, a significant regeneration project has been underway since 2012, with large investments from both the public and private sectors.

The town is also seeing the construction of new homes. SO Resi was also able to secure a major new development dedicated to Rent-To-Buy housing, giving a more affordable option to potential new residents.

The New Regeneration Project

Bracknell's new town centre

Bracknell's new town centre

Nobody was expecting this when Bracknell was announced in the post-war period. Despite being situated in the countryside, the town has now taken a modern look, in line with its new role in the tech industry.

The investments for the regeneration have brought a whole new design of the town centre and the construction of a huge shopping centre, the Lexicon. In turn, this has brought the main high street retailers to open several shops, and several new restaurants, bars, food stores and a modern 4DX cinema have now opened. In addition, a whole new leisure and entertainment quarter called The Deck will see its launch later this year, in 2023.

The regeneration project will also see a redesign of the transport system. Several new walking and cycling areas are planned to appear, creating a more ecofriendly town centre. There will also be new rapid bus lines and dedicated park-and-ride spaces. Roads and highways will also be redesigned to best accommodate the new town centre and its residents. Bracknell, in fact, is seeing an enlargement of its centre and urban surroundings, thanks to the many new constructions and the future prospects of new people moving in.

You can see the full regeneration vision and plan.

Bracknell: a hub for the tech industry

New offices in Bracknell

New offices in Bracknell

Perhaps little known to many, Bracknell currently hosts several major offices of international companies such as Panasonic, Dell, HP and Fujitsu. Waitrose and Honda also chose Bracknell for their headquarters, giving the town relevance in the business world.

The construction of several modern offices is likely to see a further increase in companies moving into the town, creating new jobs and opportunities for the residents and people living nearby. One of the main goals of the regeneration project is to make Bracknell a central hub for the tech industry, creating competition with London and Canary Wharf.

The expansion of the railway system to the west of London is also bringing positive change to these affected regions. Whilst there was already a direct connection between Bracknell and Central London -- the train connects the two in circa an hour -- the new development of the Elizabeth Line has been believed to help lower congestion on both the public transport and the road for the commute to the capital.

Bracknell also saw an expansion of its train station in 2017, which will enable it to host the newest Arterio models, a longer and faster set of trains to help travel to the capital and around the region much quicker.

New homes and affordable housing

SO Flexi Bracknell

SO Flexi Bracknell

With the town expanding under the regeneration project, more homes will need to be built to meet the new demands. Several developments are in the pipeline around the borough for both regular and affordable housing.

SO Resi was able to secure a new development at the heart of the new town centre and near the shopping areas. The Rent-To-Buy Government scheme will help people get onto the property ladder by paying a lower-than-market rent and allowing them to save in order to buy a home. This could be way to begin a new life in this uprising and vibrant town. With parking available, and the Lexicon, just a stone's throw from the new property, these new apartments could be the ideal solution for families, couples or single persons looking to start a new life.

Find out more about the new SO Flexi Bracknell site.


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Written by the SO Resi In-House Team

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