Blooming Lovely: How to decorate your home for Spring

Published: 24 March 2021

One of life’s top treats is walking into a home that lifts your spirits. And spring is the perfect time to capture that happy vibe in your space, and make it your number one place to spend the longer, warmer days heading our way.

Whether you’re up for adding a new shot of jewel-bright colour, or just clearing the decks, here are our tips to ring the changes with minimal outlay and maximum effect. Hello sunshine!

Zesty Yellow

Nothing says spring optimism like a pop of yellow. From a big bowl of lemons showcased on your table to a pair of gorgeous citrine cushions on a sofa, or a saffron lamp in a corner, yellow energises like nothing else. It’s an all-round star that peps up dark woods, warms up whites and re-styles neutrals. Pick up the hue in a few key spots around your space to tie the look together, and enjoy that lift.

 Make Space

Springtime is all about being airy, light and open – so it’s time to declutter for a no-expense update that everyone will envy. Tidy away your heavy winter blankets and throws. Then clear your surfaces, leaving just a few well-chosen accessories to shine out. Look out for smart storage solutions to keep your cosy winter stuff safe till next year.

 Go Green

A perfectly positioned plant is our favourite way to bring a room to life. Pop a pretty pot on a shelf and admire the instant effect. If you’re green-fingered enough to invest, a large floor plant in a beautiful container is a fab focal point in an entrance way or living area. Choose plants that are easy to look after – and go for shiny leaves to reflect as much light as possible. Growing greenery can even help purify the air and calm your mind. What’s not to like?

 Light Fantastic

Make the most of all the wonderful spring sunshine by opening curtains and blinds wide every morning. Positioning a mirror near a window instantly bounces loads of extra natural light into your space. Treetops just outside? Mirrors can reflect those too. If window dressings feel heavy, a new blind in a lighter fabric won’t cost the earth. Pick pure white or an exuberant colour for an invigorating update.

 Spring Scent

Scent is closely connected to our emotions, and the smell of spring can elevate our mood in seconds. Lighting candles doesn’t feel as appealing as the weather warms up, so look for reeds or an aroma diffuser to fill your space with light herbal, airy or flower scents. It’s worth choosing natural, as artificial perfumes can cause headaches for some.

 Refreshing Sleep

Warmer weather demands lighter bedding, so it’s the perfect excuse for a fresh look. Soothing spring slumber means storing heavier winter fabrics and imagining what you want to climb into right now. Crisp white is a cool classic, and easy to accessorise with a beautiful accent pillow or two. Linen feels instantly summery – and once it’s washed well, that naturally rumpled look adds to the relaxed style. Who wants to iron bedding when there are better things to do?

Pick a pattern

What does spring mean to you – banks of daffodils, whispers of cherry blossom, sunbeams dappling through green leaves? Whatever it is, there’s a pattern somewhere that captures it perfectly. Beyond fresh florals, you’ll find stylised 1950s leaf patterns, 1970s-style geometric abstracts in natural tones and contemporary prints that nod to nature. As the world steps away from grey, introducing patches of pattern to your home is an easy way to brighten your day.


Flower Power

It’s a great time of year for flowers. Why not pick up a bright bunch of tulips or ranunculus and pop them in a vase for an easy, no-commitment splash of colour to make you smile? A pot of hyacinths will keep going longer and scent your space with springtime as they bloom. If you buy flowers in paper not plastic, and compost your blooms afterwards, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.


Seasonal Flavour

Have you ever noticed how spring changes the way we eat, as well as the way we feel? Reflect the seasons in your kitchen by displaying the ingredients that appeal right now – from lemons to linguine – in glass containers. Fill a space on a shelf with beautiful herbs in pots – they only cost a few pounds and you can use them to freshen up your cooking while admiring them.

 Picture Perfect

Art is an awesome way to transform a room and a brilliant talking point too. Create an instant revitalising hit and impress those long-awaited springtime guests with a new print for your wall. Pick something eye-catching and unusual, match the frame to your decor and wait for the compliments to flood in.

 Outdoors in

Do you have a balcony or terrace? Connect it more closely with your living space for an instant spring update that will last all summer long. It’s easy. Simply link the areas visually by repeating one of your key interior colours outdoors. A bright plant pot or two is a great start – or choose some new outdoor cushions that complement those you have inside. Then open the doors and enjoy the impression of extra space!

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Our final tip for the spring season? It may well be the most effective of all. Open the windows and let the spring breeze flow through your space for an instant hit of oxygen that will add a sensory super-charge to all your everyday activities, from morning yoga, to afternoon siestas and evening meals. And breathe …


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