5 reasons to buy through shared ownership

Published: 05 February 2018

Your shared ownership questions answered

There are all kinds of benefits to buying your home through shared ownership with SO Resi. To help you decide whether it’s the right choice for you, here are our top five.


1. Home ownership for more people

A recent report1 suggested that first-time buyers in some parts of the UK would need to save for ‘more than a decade’ to have a chance of getting on the property ladder. Shared ownership with SO Resi means you just need from just a 5% deposit on the share you buy.

2. Helps you build a more secure future 

Renting a place privately means you might need to move on before you want to, but a shared ownership property gives you a long-term home, as long as you keep up your payments. So it can help you find a stable place to put down roots.

3. Sell your home in the future if you choose to

Shared ownership is suitable for people who want a home for the longer term, but if you do want to move on in the future, it’s good to know you can sell your home. Our experienced resales team will be on hand to help if you decide that it's time to move on.

4. You could end up owning 100% of your home

As life goes on, you might be in a position to buy a bigger share of your home – for example, if you get a pay rise, or come into some money. Shared ownership with SO Resi is really flexible, so you can buy a bigger share when it’s right for you. You could even end up owning 100%. Just ask and we’ll help you work out what’s affordable for you. 

5. A stake in the property market 

If you buy a SO Resi home and decide to move on in the future, you can sell your share. If your home has gone up in value, you will benefit from any rise in the value of your share when it is sold. (And if you own 100%, you will benefit from the full increase in the value of your home.)

Want to know more? Shared ownership explained might be able to help.


1Shelter, 2016

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