Eduardo & Pamela’s story

From drab to fab: couple secure new home in Chiswick through Shared Ownership!

After discovering shared ownership, Eduardo Brigagao, 33, and Pamela Goncalves, 29 went from sharing an old rented flat with friends in Hammersmith, to buying their very own one-bedroom apartment from SO Resi by Thames Valley Housing at Chiswick Gate.

“Having shared a living space for 2 years, we really felt it was time to take the next step and get a place that was right for just the two of us. After some calculations, we realized that if we combined our savings we were finally able to start home-hunting.”

It’s only when they visited the showhome at Chiswick Gate, after driving past the development on the way to the supermarket, that something clicked for the couple. “We must have looked at almost 30 other properties but none of them came close to Chiswick Gate in terms of location, specification, and style – it really ticked all of our boxes,” explains Eduardo. With their hearts set on a home at Chiswick Gate, they filled out an application for a one-bedroom apartment, which was quickly accepted, and just 5 months later in, August 2017, the couple moved in. 

The full value of Eduardo and Pamela’s one-bedroom apartment was £532,500. They bought a 30 per cent share for £159,750 and put down a deposit of £16,000. Their monthly mortgage repayments are £675.80 and the monthly SO Resi payment, for the share of the home the couple don’t own, is £683.38, together with a service charge of £202.91.

“We are so proud to have a home with our personality in everything and that we can’t wait to get back to after a long day at work - in an area that we love. West London is where we want to be; we really enjoy being so close to the river, and there are so many parks, bars and restaurants close by to enjoy at the weekend,” says Pamela.

“We were paying £1,400 a month to live in a much older flat, which is almost the same of our current monthly outgoings, but now we own a brand new apartment in a highly sought-after area of West London. We would definitely recommend So Resi to friends, and anyone who’s struggling to get onto the property ladder.”