CJ's Story

Shared Ownership helps sports coach CJ reclaim an independent lifestyle with a place of his own

One million more 20 to 34-year-olds in the UK are living with their parents than they were 20 years ago, according to research from thinktank Civitas*.

CJ Glover was among this number when he moved back home with his parents after finishing university. CJ was keen to find a place of his own and live independently again, but this seemed a remote prospect until his mum showed him an article about SO Resi’s shared ownership homes at nearby Cardew Court in Bracknell. The modern apartments and convenient location at this development fitted the bill perfectly and CJ moved quickly to buy the last two-bedroom apartment.

CJ, who runs a sports coaching company called In2Sport, comments: “Bracknell is my home town and I wanted to stay in the area to be close to my family and friends, as well as my work. I knew it would be difficult to buy a home because I’m self-employed and wanted to live by myself. Even though I’d been saving hard for two years, I couldn’t afford to buy a property outright in Bracknell, so shared ownership was a great option.”

In 2017 CJ bought a 55 per cent share in his apartment (full price £287,500) for £158,125 and although he only needed a ten per cent deposit, he put down £16,000 funded by his savings. His monthly payments were originally around £600 for his mortgage and a payment of £394 to SO Resi on the share he didn’t own, which included service charges.

Since buying his home two years ago, CJ has increased his mortgage and now owns 100 per cent of his property. He says: “I always wanted to own my home outright, but I couldn’t afford to do this initially. That’s what’s great about shared ownership, it allows you to buy in stages, to fit your financial circumstances – it’s perfect for homebuyers who need a helping hand at the start.”

Like all SO Resi properties, CJ’s apartment has an excellent specification. The living space is designed in a contemporary open plan style and opens on to a balcony. A full range of kitchen appliances, fitted wardrobes in the main bedroom and an allocated parking space were all included within the price.

Cardew Court is a short walk from Bracknell town centre and close to the station, making it easy to travel to London for days and nights out. 

CJ says: “My home is really high quality and brilliant value. I enjoy having a balcony and with a second bedroom it’s easy for friends and family to stay. It’s ideal for me - I’m five minutes from my parents’ house and from my work. Work takes up most of my time, so it was very important to be close by.”

CJ found the process of buying a shared ownership home very straightforward. He says: “It was very simple and quick. Everyone at SO Resi sales was friendly and helpful, and once my mortgage was approved, everything progressed very smoothly. As my apartment was new and ready to move into, it was just a case of picking up the keys and moving in.”

He adds: “It feels great to have my own space and live independently again. I couldn’t have bought a home in this area without shared ownership – it’s made a huge difference to my life.”

* www.civitas.org.uk/press/1m-more-young-adults-living-with-their-parents-than-two-decades-ago/