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Buying more shares

A guide to staircasing

Once you’ve settled into your SO Resi home, you might want to own more shares and  work towards owning 100% of it over time.The process is easy.You just stay in your home and buy a bigger share of it. It’s really flexible, so you can step up in time with your budget and your life.

The benefits of buying more shares

Owning more of your home can be a satisfying feeling – it could help you financially too and give you peace of mind.

  • Cut down your shared ownership monthly payment - each time you buy a bigger share of your SO Resi home we’ll work out your new SO Resi monthly payment try our payment calculator

  • Grow your investment - the more of your home you own, the more you benefit if house prices go up

  • It's flexible - you can buy a bigger share at a time that suits you

Here's a 3 minute video explaining things:


Did you know?

New Homeowners purchasing newly-built homes can automatically buy more shares using our SO Resi Plus scheme. SO Resi Plus gives you the option of buying an extra 1% of your home each year at a price that is set from day one, even if property prices go up.You also don't pay solictor's fees and valuation fees.

When is a good time to start?

It’s up to you to decide when the time is right, but here are some pointers to help.

  • A pay rise or better paid new job - more income could give you the flexibility
  • You get a big bonus or inheritance - if it’s enough to buy a bigger share, it’s one option for your money
  • The value of your home goes up - you might be able to borrow more
    to buy a bigger share
  • Your mortgage rate goes down - a lower rate mortgage means you might be able to borrow more

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