Talk to us about buying more shares

As a current SO Resi homeowner, you have the option to own a bigger share of your home, with the possibility of owning 100%. 

The process is really flexible, so you can step up in-line with your budget and your lifestyle.

Why buy more shares?

  • Cut down your monthly SO Resi payment
    Each time you buy a bigger share of your SO Resi home, we’ll work out your new SO Resi payment based on our new smaller share.
  • Owning more of your home can be a satisfying feeling - and so can working towards 100% of it.
  • Growing your investment!
    The more of your home that you own, the more you benefit if house prices go up

Buying a bigger share of your SO Resi home is exciting, but we understand that there’s a lot to think about. Contact us today to find out more about how the process works, what to do next and ask us any questions you might have at this stage, please include these in the form below, along with any other comments.