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Buying More Shares – Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions apply – You will be eligible for this incentive if you complete by Monday 30th November 2020. The incentive for £500 is to be deducted from the total amount owed to us on the date of completion.

This incentive is available for completions taking place from Tuesday 1st September 2020. We recommend that you instruct your solicitors early in order to meet the deadline of Monday 30th November 2020.

Legal requirements may cause delays to the process. We encourage you to inform your solicitor of this offer and explain to them that the incentive applies if the deadline of Monday 30th November 2020 is met. When you have your valuation carried out, please provide evidence to the surveyor of any improvements you have carried out.

Please note these improvements would need to have been approved by us at the time of the works. Only certain improvements are accepted for the purpose of a valuation. Please read our Buy a bigger share brochure for more information on the process.

If the valuation is expiring before the incentive deadline, the valuation expiry takes precedence over the incentive deadline. You will need to get a re-valuation expiry date.

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