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Improvements and alterations

Making changes to your home

As a homeowner or shared owner, you will need written permission for significant changes to your property.

If you make any alterations or modifications to your home without getting permission, you may be required to change it back to its original condition at your own expense.

To request permission, or for more advice, please give details to our Home Ownership Team. They will review your request and respond accordingly. 

Contact the Home Ownership team at or phone 020 3535 3535 or 0300 456 2929.

Some examples of what you need (and don’t need) to seek permission for:

Permission required

Permission not required


Hanging pictures

Moving walls

Installing blinds and curtains

Loft conversion

Applying wallpaper*

Installing air conditioning

Painting walls*

* Not recommended for properties in the defect liability period. Refer to your Home User Guide for more information. 

Properties in the defect liability period:

Asking permission is especially important during the defects period as, at the end of this, the contractor who built your home will need to attend to carry out your end of defect inspection. If significant changes/alterations have been made without permission, this may void the actual defect warranty.

About warranties

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