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Staircasing costs guide

Buying more shares costs guide

For most existing homeowners who are buying more shares, there are some costs involved. So it makes sense to check the costs to help you decide whether buying a bigger share of your home is a good move for you.The more you own, the lower your monthly SO Resi payments are. You can use the calculator below to get an estimate of your monthly SO Resi payment, if you decide to buy more shares.

Wondering how many shares to buy?

You can buy 10% or more of your home’s full market value. So if your home is valued at £250,000, the smallest extra share you can buy is 10% of that, which would cost £25,000. If you can afford to, you can buy over 10% in multiples of 5%. That’s 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% and so on – right up to the point where you own 90%.Your next step after that is to buy the last 10% in one go, so that you own 100%.

Calculating your new share

  • Estimate the full market value of your home, e.g. £250,000
  • Decide on the extra percentage you want to own, e.g. 20%
  • Multiply together to get your additional share's potential value, e.g. £250,000 x 20% = £50,000


What you can save

Enter the details into the calculator to below get an estimate of your monthly payments. You do not need to include your service charge. Please note that this is an approximate figure; please contact our Aftersales team who will be happy to confirm your personalised payments.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The amount you pay for the share will depend on the current market value of your home. When you purchase more shares in your home, you can expect to incur costs for our administration fees, valuation fees, solicitors fees, mortgage arrangement fees and Stamp Duty may apply.If you want to check whether you will have to pay Stamp Duty, speak to your solicitor.You can also use HMRC’s stamp duty calculator to work out how much tax you would have to pay if you buy a shared ownership home.

A good independent financial advisor, should be able to help you way up your options -, people have to find a lender or mortgage provider who will give you another mortgage, unless you have readily available cash.The funds which are available to you will help determine the amount of shares which you are able to buy.

Your SO Resi monthly payments (rent) will stop, but you may still need to pay service charges and ground rent. Depending on your lease, the freehold may be transferred to you, so you own the land as well as the home on it. We’ll tell you more if you let us know you are thinking about owning 100%.

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