Clapham, London, London, London - 35% share (£700,000)

Full price: £2,000,000 The full value of the property

Share value: 35% - £700,000

Estimated monthly cost*: £8,506

Estimated Monthly Mortgage*: £3,506

SO Resi Monthly Payment: The monthly payment you make for the share of the home that you don't own

Monthly Service Charge**: £5,000.00 Residents of a development pay this for maintenance of communal/external areas

* Costs shown are approximate and based on a mortgage APR of 3.99% over 25 years. Minimum 5% deposit shown. An independent financial adviser will help guide you through the process.

** Monthly service charges are an estimate but include (where applicable); buildings insurance, ground rent, management and audit fees, cleaning, lighting, landscaping and general maintenance of communal areas.

Years on lease: 125

​Parkside place v


Parkside place


Parkside place

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