Support for Ukraine - Shared owners

Support for Ukraine - shared owners

Volunteering a spare room as part of this scheme is a significant commitment, which we want to support residents to do if they wish.

Before registering with the Homes for Ukraine scheme it is important that you contact us to make us aware that you are registering for the scheme.

It is a requirement of your shared ownership lease to obtain our consent, which will not unreasonably be withheld.

Once we hear from you, we will then discuss your home and circumstances with you.

You will also need to contact your mortgage provider and discuss this with them.

In accordance with your shared ownership lease, shared owners can offer a room or rooms, but you must also remain living in your home. You cannot sub-let your entire home and live somewhere else.

Please contact us by:

There are several important things to think about before volunteering accommodation through this scheme, which may include:

  • Whether you have enough space in your home
  • The support a refugee may need to settle in
  • Any possible impact receiving £350 per month from the government could have on your welfare/benefits payments, or other support you receive
  • The requirement to provide accommodation for at least 6 months
  • Any increase in household costs (eg. utility bills) that may result from having more people living in your home
  • The terms of your shared ownership lease

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