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Support for Ukraine

Support for Ukraine

We have been contacted by many MTVH residents asking how they can support Ukrainians fleeing the war in their country. We want to support residents who want to volunteer spare accommodation and to help in other ways. This page brings together information for MTVH residents about some of the ways you can provide support for those affected.

MTVH is proud to be an organisation which has a long history of providing sanctuary, support, and access to good quality housing to those seeking asylum in our country.

As such, we, like many, are deeply moved by the plight of millions of Ukrainians who have been forced to flee their homes following the Russian invasion. Our heartfelt sympathies are with the growing number of people who find themselves separated from loved ones and facing huge uncertainty over their future.

Where we can, and as we have done so many times before, we will help support Ukrainians arriving in the UK.

Other ways you can help

For those who can, the British Red Cross and Disasters Emergency Committee has established a Ukraine Crisis Appeal to provide food, water, first aid, medicine, warm clothes, and shelter.

The British Red Cross and Disasters Emergency Committee Appeal is the most efficient way to get resources to people assisting the humanitarian effort inside Ukraine and across Europe.

93p of every £1 goes directly to the response in Ukraine and in temporary reception centres (for example, those in Poland and Hungary). This includes a list of organisations (not just Red Cross) who are already setup to respond. The 7p includes platform fees for processing money and associated costs. No staff costs are included.

Ukraine Red Cross is already responding with volunteers in Ukraine (as are all Red Cross societies across Europe) delivering medical, welfare, and evacuation services.

Donations can be made here.

Why is MTVH supporting people from Ukraine? What about other conflicts?

MTVH has a history of responding to the needs of migrants and refugees. This includes participation in every major resettlement initiative in the last twenty years.We have:

  • Provided stable accommodation and support to people escaping the Syrian crisis.
  • Increased our offer to provide more accommodation and support to Afghan refugees, pledging to make 50 homes available this year for Afghan refugees. This will continue and the government expects Afghan refugees to benefit from the private sponsorship route created because of Ukraine.
  • Provided over £4m of funding to the refugee and migrant support sector over the last 15 years through the MTVH Migration Foundation.
  • Opened the first hostel in the UK for destitute migrants and expanded this to new starter tenancies for refugees in the East Midlands.
  • Improved coordination and options for response in this area (eg. private and business sponsorship) will have a direct benefit to other groups and needs to come.

The government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme offers MTVH residents an opportunity to volunteer accommodation and we have set this page up to provide information to enable them to do so.





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