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How to get your home ready for Autumn and Winter

When the seasons change, it’s our cue for a seasonal interior spruce in our homes. So we’ve teamed up with Interior Stylist, Social media Influencer, multi-award winning blogger; Emma Jane Palin to share with you some interior ideas you can try in your home. We met Emma Jane at our SO Resi Clapham Park show home. Read her decalogue of interior tips to uplift your décor and your mood!


Photo credit: Emma Jane Palin


Tip 1: Choose warmer colors

Changing your furniture is not the only option when it comes to bringing warm colours into a room. The right display of art will bring a nice touch of colour to your space without breaking the bank.

Tip 2: Change up your cushions

Pillows can be the best place when you start refreshing your space. Textiles and pillows can be easily replaced by silks, wool and velvets to incorporate thicker textures and make your home the cosiest it can be.


Photo credit: Emma Jane Palin


Tip 3: Layer up rugs

An easy and simple way to make your space welcoming and cosy is adding rugs with strong patterns which makes them perfect for blending colours together to tie in a colour palette.

Tip 4: Refresh your coffee table and shelving

Bring life to your coffee table and shelving with a vase of flowers of even new metallics. As the seasons change, adding a collection of books in the coffee table also give a sense of thoughtful coziness.


Photo credit: Emma Jane Palin


Tip 5: Make extra effort with lighting

Beautiful lighting can make a real difference to every space. Dimmers can be very helpful setting the mood for every occasion. Multiple sources of light, from the ceiling to smaller lamps can transform your home to a warm nest.

Tip 6: Mirror natural light

Keep the curtains wide open to brighten up your home with some natural light. Design-wise, day lighting a house will definitely give it a fresh look but it will also contribute on saving on electric energy.

Tip 7: Swift over to winter bed linen

Don’t underestimate the art of layering your bed linens. You can instantly heat up your space by adding a warm, furry throw on your linens.

Tip 8: Make your corners count

Utilize a corner of a room to get cozy in by simply adding a statement chair with a cozy throw. Indoor plants or a gallery wall can also be a nice idea to decorate your house’s nooks.


Photo credit: Emma Jane Palin


Tip 9: Add faux botanicals

Houseplants are one of the easiest ways to add texture, colour and life to cold rooms. The trick to using them to warm up a cold space is to focus on choosing plants of different size, shape and texture. If you’re finding hard to preserve natural plants, invest on a artificial botanicals which will also create the same effect without requiring any maintenance effort.

Tip 10: Perfect your scent

Light up some candles to add warmth and light to your space. Choose candles with fruity notes and spread them in different rooms for the ultimate homey experience.


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Written by the SO Resi In-House Team

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