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Meet the team

SO Resi is the  brand for shared ownership homes by Metropolitan Thames Valley, and has over five decades of experience in making home ownership possible.

We understand that many people are locked out of the housing market and so we are repositioning our business to meet the evolving needs of first time buyers. Shared ownership has been around for a while; however there has been confusion around the details. SO Resi communicates and delivers shared ownership homes in a simple and honest way, with specific improvements to the offer.

We help people get on the property ladder by offering a share on their home, lower deposit, smaller mortgage and monthly payments on the rest. The idea is simple and the demand for shared ownership is high. 


How to get involved?

We are looking for ambitious partners to join us in making home ownership possible for more people. We would like to speak to you, if you are interested in investing in SO Resi or looking to work with us on development opportunities. 

Kush Rawal

Kush Rawal

Residential Investment Director

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